Milk collected from dairy farms in Victoria is making a journey of nearly 2,000 kilometres for processing in Queensland and northern New South Wales.

AUDIO: Dairy consultant, Chris Phillips says milk is making the long journey from Victoria to Queensland to meet demand. (ABC Rural)
Companies won’t say how much milk is travelling north, but the amount is believed to be increasing.

Consultant to Dairy Australia, Chris Phillips, says despite the long journey, companies can still make money from the milk, because not enough is being produced up north.

“Milk production has steadily fallen out there. I think Queensland has lost 100 million litres of milk over the last five years.

“The trend in northern New South Wales is a bit more variable, but they’ve probably lost another 30 million litres over that period.

“Demand is growing for drinking milk in that region, while production is falling, so we actually have got a shortfall of milk.

Source: ABC Rural