Milk production in Australia continues to shoot ahead of last year with a 6.4% increase in February compared with February 2014.
Year to date production is up 2.8% on last year.

The surge is led by Tasmania and New South Wales with both states recording growth of 11.5% for February.

The strong Tasmanian performance is reflected in its year-to-date growth, which stands at 11.3%.

NSW growth year to date is 5.4%,led by massive growth in central and inland NSW with 20.8% growth in February.

NSW is just ahead of Western Australia with year-to-date growth of 4.8%.

Victorian growth for February was 5.6% with year-to-date growth at 2%.

The overall Victorian growth hides marked regional differences with Gippsland continuing to show strong growth up 7.7% for the month and 5.8% year to date.

Western Victoria had a good performance in February up 6.9% but is still down 2.1% year to date.

Northern Victoria is continuing modest growth with February production up 2.3% and year-to-date growth at 2.7%.

South Australian production has rebounded with February growth at 5.3% but year-to-date growth is still down 0.6%.

Queensland milk production continued its downward spiral on the back of tough seasonal conditions with February production down 3.7% and year-to-date production down 5.4%.

Source: Australian Dairyfarmer