Australian milk production grew 2.6% last season to 9.48 billion litres produced – back to the levels of three years ago.
Tasmania led the growth with production up 10.1% for the year, according to the latest figures from Dairy Australia.

Western Australia and New South Wales also experienced strong growth, up 6.5% and 4.3% respectively.

Queensland was the only state to have decreased production.

Victorian production grew 1.9% on the back of strong growth in eastern Victoria (Gippsland), where production was up 5.4% for the year, and moderate growth in northern Victoria, up 1.8%.

But western Victorian production was down 1.1% and it is no longer Australia’s largest milk production region.

Northern Victoria has taken that title, producing 2.1 billion litres last year.

Source: The Australian Dairyfarmer