Australian milk production was 0.4 per cent lower in October than the same month last year, on the back of dry conditions in Victoria.

The latest figures from Dairy Australia show Victorian production was down 1.8 per cent for October.

But year-to-date figures reveal growth, with production up 2.0 per cent across Australia.

Western Australian dairy production is booming, up 6.2 per cent for October and 6.8 per cent year to date.

NSW (up 1.9pc), Tasmania (up 4.8pc) and South Australia (up 0.3pc) all showed growth for October.

All states, except Queensland, showed growth year to date with WA up 6.8pc, NSW up 3.9pc, Tasmania up 3.5pc, SA up 4.4pc and Victoria up 1.3pc.

Queensland continues to decline with October production down 1.9pc and year-to-date production down 1.8pc.

In Victoria, high water prices and dry conditions have hit northern Victorian hardest, with production there 3.0pc lower for October and 0.6pc lower year to date.

Gippsland production was down 1.5pc for October but up 0.2pc year to date, while Western Victorian production was down 0.9pc for October but up 3.9pc year to date.

The North Coast region of NSW is showing good growth on the back of good seasonal conditions with production for October up 5.2pc and production year to date up 6.7pc

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