Animal Nutrition

We are Australia’s leading Stockfeed milk powder manufacturer and are committed to providing innovative, quality and economically superior products.

This strong commitment ensures our customers are making the very best decision for the welfare of their animals. All of our raw ingredients are strictly sourced from approved suppliers for consistency year in year out. NIR technology has been incorporated to ensure all powders are graded for Fat, Protein, Lactose & Moisture upon arrival and dispatch.

Maxum Animal Nutrition is excited to present the MaxCare range of milk replacement products. MaxCare calf milk replacer (CMR) products have been developed specifically for the Australian dairy industry, using the highest quality ingredients. By value-adding and nurturing growth, MaxCare CMR products foster a healthy Australian dairy industry. Good calf nutrition builds a strong foundation for healthy growth and development for your individual animals, your herd and our industry.


Our flexible no fuss approach allows your nutritionalist to alter or configure any specification to suit your individual requirements.

  • Chocolate Milk Powder
  • Full Cream Milk Powder
  • Skim Milk Powder
  • Whey Powder
  • Lactose Powder
  • Pigimilk Replacer
  • Promax 2828/3022/3350
  • Cream Powder
  • Whey Protein Concentrate/Isolate
  • Butter Milk Powder
  • Infant Formula
  • Custom Blends

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